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After a 12-year absence, HP is reintroducing the popular HP 15c Scientific Calculator in a Collectors Edition. This HP classic features a unique Collectors Edition script, making it a great gift for collectors and engineers alike. The HP 15c offers users a high-end and portable, scientific calculator with programmable functions and built-in support for complex numbers, matrix math, numerical integration, and root solving, which makes this device one of the most capable calculators HP has ever made.

HP15C Product specifications

Programming capabilities include conditional and unconditional branching, subroutines, flags, and editing. Plus, users can program up to 672 steps of calculations (increased from 448). The HP15c Collectors Edition also offers direct and indirect storage in up to 99 registers (increased from 67). This handy calculator operates using Reverse Polish Notation (RPN), reducing the number of keystrokes to complete calculations.

  • Best used for: Engineering, Science, Mathematics, Physics
  • Built-in functions: Over 130
  • Advanced functions: Trigonometric, exponential,basic statistics, complex number calculations, matrix operations, integration, keystroke programming
  • Power supply: 2× CR2032 batteries
  • Auto Power off: 5 minutes
  • Display: 1 line × 10 characters
  • Display type: LCD, 7-segment
  • Included is a new printed manual with foreword by Gene Wright and Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz.
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