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The Elektra Electric Hot Water Bottle is truly the ultimate hot water bottle, whether you want to keep warm on those cold rainy days or even if it’s to relieve pain and tension.

There is no need to refill and you can use it wherever you go. Commonly hot water bottles are used as a luxury to keep warm during those cold winter seasons. But the heat emitted from the bottle can also be used as a form of heat therapy.

With the Elektra – electric hot water bottle you can perform your very own heat therapy at home or in the office. For energy and water saving, warmth and comfort, try the Elektra – electric hot water bottle now.

– Cordless
– 15min charging time
– Heat for 2 – 5 hours
– Length 230mm
– Heating and safety system
– Softcover included
– Only a 10-15 minute recharge time
– Provides heat for 2-6 hours
– No need to continuously refill the bottle
– Ensuring your usage remains conservative saving on water and electricity
– The electric power cord for charging is detachable
– You can carry your hot bottle where ever you go
– This rechargeable hot water bottle has a lot more benefits than you realize
– As a cheap, drugless way of helping an array of pain problems
– Can be used as a method of muscle and tension relaxation
– This is especially great for period cramps, non-inflammatory arthritis pain, muscular cramps, neck and back pain
– This is a hot water bottle that will dilate the blood vessels and stimulate or facilitate blood circulation
– Which in turn will help wash away metabolic waste that could build up causing pain caused by tension

What’s in the box
– 1 X Elektra – Electric Hot Water Bottle – Orange Fox

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